Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here's a little update from our little meeting in July. There were just a handful of us, so we talked and ate and enjoyed a few blocks, a few tops and rummaged through Louise's scrap-tastic baskets to see what she was working on next (okay, that was just me).

Up at the top is a photo of my Swoon blocks (I didn't bring them but took this photo so I'll remember how to lay them out).

The next two photos are of Louise's block exchange blocks that she's already pieced. Cool, eh?

Last two are my block exchange quilts from last year and the year before. They need to be bigger to fit a twin bed, so at the suggestion of my fellow BE'ers, I'll probably add some borders because I don't think I can take making any more of these blocks.

The last one is Carol Sc's block ... We're not doing the individual blocks, we're doing strip sets that she's turning into a Trip Around the World block.

Looking forward to August and seeing more blocks and more friends!