Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beginning to sew BE blocks

I've started sewing my Block Exchange blocks for this year.  Here are some photos:

 I spy with my little eye - a tiger and a bear and a fox and a dalmation and a penguin and Sally in her car!  My contributions to Louise's I Spy quilt (they're in-the-mail to you, Louise).

 This block is actually for the Charm group's charity quilt, not Block Exchange, but I thought I'd post a photo of it anyway.  Carol Schon designed the pattern. I didn't have many plaids in my collection, but I tried to use "manly" fabrics for the pieces to go with the man-quilt theme. [Beth - this block is in-the-mail to you.]

  Daisy's floor tile block - I managed to sneak in a dog print in honor of Gracie. [Daisy - this one is in-the-mail to you.]

Cindy's block - pieced and uncut and in-the-mail to Cindy.  You may have noticed that I started with the easy blocks first!

I was also happy to receive my first BE block in the mail, too.  Thanks, Cindy!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's quilts progress.