Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beginning to sew BE blocks

I've started sewing my Block Exchange blocks for this year.  Here are some photos:

 I spy with my little eye - a tiger and a bear and a fox and a dalmation and a penguin and Sally in her car!  My contributions to Louise's I Spy quilt (they're in-the-mail to you, Louise).

 This block is actually for the Charm group's charity quilt, not Block Exchange, but I thought I'd post a photo of it anyway.  Carol Schon designed the pattern. I didn't have many plaids in my collection, but I tried to use "manly" fabrics for the pieces to go with the man-quilt theme. [Beth - this block is in-the-mail to you.]

  Daisy's floor tile block - I managed to sneak in a dog print in honor of Gracie. [Daisy - this one is in-the-mail to you.]

Cindy's block - pieced and uncut and in-the-mail to Cindy.  You may have noticed that I started with the easy blocks first!

I was also happy to receive my first BE block in the mail, too.  Thanks, Cindy!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's quilts progress.


Carol Sc said...

You have been one busy quilter! By the way, I didn't "design" the block (unlike our friend, Jan!) --- I saw it someplace and thought it would make a neat scrappy quilt.

Bonnie said...

Great that you have gotten so much done. Am still recovering from my first total knee replacement and haven't gotten good a stairs yet.
Trying to make a trip a day to at least get a little done. Love the charity block.. it is great to see one made up. Good job too, by Carol S who provided pattern.