Saturday, January 30, 2016

Block Exchange 2016

We have a few people sitting out this time around due to other projects, loss of quilting mojo, travel schedules, etc., but seven of us are carrying on (some of us because we're worried if we stop now, we'll never get back)!

I'll post pictures and whose block it is, but I'll wait to post individual instructions (unless that person's is a repeat of a previous year, which we seem to have a number of this time).

This is Carol Schon's 2016 block, which is a repeat of last year's. Instructions here.

This one is Daisy's 2016 block, also a repeat of last year's. Instructions here.

This one is Jan's -- she warned us last year that we would be doing this two years in a row. Instructions here.

Dorothy's block ... New instructions, approved by Dorothy, per Louise: I put some of Dorothy's half squares together and came up with tips and different borders.  I did not trim the squares.  I used a pin to hold the seam point in place for 2 pairs and did a scant 1/4 in seam; pressed the seam open and did the final seam again holding the match point with a pin.  Pressed the seam open and trimmed the pinwheel to 3 inches.  Added borders 3 x 1 3/4 inch to each side and 5 1/2 x 1 3/4 to the other two sides.  Block is now 5 12 inches; finishes at 5 inches.

This is Ruth Farmer's block ... It looks like her block from last year. Instructions here.

This is Terry's block. It's a house block. Pictured here is our dear friend Carol Seamon, who passed away last year. Carol did a few house block quilts -- or it seemed like it. She did a cool Christmas one that some members of our group put together for her family. We miss her a lot. Instructions to follow.

This is Eileen's block (mine). I'm doing the same one as last year ... all fabric to be provided because i haven't run short of fabric yet. I'm taking every precaution against running out, so no worries!