Sunday, December 8, 2013

2011 BE blocks

Here's the quilt top of my 2011 block exchange blocks.  This is a wedding quilt for my cousin Brian and his wife Josey.  Lucky for me they got engaged last year on Christmas Day!

 Josey and I went fabric shopping at Glad Creations, and she picked out a beautiful poinsettia backing fabric that is perfect.  I'm hoping to get it basted and mostly quilted over the Christmas holidays.

Thanks, all, for your blocks in this quilt.  It is lovely!

Monday, November 18, 2013

2012 Block Exchange quilt finished

I'm happy to announce that I have finally finished quilting my 2012 Block Exchange quilt - Bird's Nest! I'm so happy with how it turned out.

Isn't it lovely?!  Thank you all for your blocks in this quilt.  I have it hanging in my living room for awhile until I put up my Christmas quilt some time next month.

If any of you have finished block exchange quilts from the past couple years, please post pics on the blog.  I would love to see them.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

september 2013 ... year's end

September was our last Block Exchange meeting of 2013. And although this year has been light on participants, the quilts (in various stages of completion) did not disappoint.

This one is Jan's. It's called Gemini. She made several blocks in addition to the ones we made for her. All batiks and all together.

 This one is Terry's. I think it's called birds of paradise. We each made four blocks.
Cool how some of them look like hearts based on the placement of colors and hues.

This one is Carol's. We've called it Legos, or confetti. It's a great scrap quilt that makes a hearty sized block. Word is Carol may do this one again next year ... so keep those scraps.

These blocks are Dorothy's. She's having us make them again next year. At least one of us (okay it was me) made the block completely wrong, so I'll make two and be ahead for next year ... that's the plan.

These blocks are mine. I love the great fabrics. The blocks will be sashed in white, and a white border will be added too.

And, at the last meeting there were quite a few 'extras' in show and tell:

This one is Jan's from a previous year's exchange.

 This one is Terry's. She's been hand piecing it as she's been taking a friend to chemo treatments. Sadly, Terry's friend passed away. This quilt is certainly a lovely tribute to their friendship.
 This one is mine (Eileen's). It's for a friend's daughter for her third birthday.
 This one is mine (Eileen's) from a previous year's exchange. It think it was 2004 or 2005. It's done now and will be off to it's new owner this week. It's part of my 'brothers 2013 project.'
 This is another one by me. It's for us. I quilted in a quilt as you go method.
 This is Louise's latest project. Actually, it's an older project that she did for someone that they asked her to do for their kids ... that's how we quilters are ... traditions started, and carried through.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Star-Crossed Cats quilted and bound

Here are some photos of the completed Star-Crossed Cats quilts.  Thanks for your blocks!  I really like how this pattern turned out.  I'm mailing it to Shannon today as her retirement gift.

The next project on my list is to finish machine-quilting my Bird's Nest quilt from Block Exchange 2012. I'm planning to hang it in my living room on the "rotating display" wall.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

June block exchange: blocks and feet

My most sincere apologies to my Block Exchange pals for not getting these photos up sooner. Just like that, July was started and now, nearly over! Whew.

 I've just realized that many of these block photos, in addition to the quilt blocks, have feet in them ... mine and other people's. Weird, but considering we lay them out on the floor, there are bound to be feet. (Phone photos, so the quality is a bit suspect.)

On to the blocks ...

This one is Cindy's. All in greens and blues. Very pretty blocks.

 These are Dorothy's blocks. You can see that there are two ways to get these done, 
either with strips or logs. Both equally lovely!
 My blocks ... and toes.

 Jan's blocks.

 Phyllis' blocks ... she needs some fall colors in California, I guess!
Terry's blocks. Very cool design when they're set like this.

Carol's blocks. Super awesome scrappy look that translates into a big block. 
This would be great even with bigger pieces for a good sized baby quilt.
This is a show and tell by Daisy (and my toes) it's a great spool quilt.

Since we're meeting again next Monday, look for another post soon (maybe even in July)!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Star-Crossed Cats quilt top done

Thanks for my BE blocks!  Here's the finished top.  I hope to get it basted this weekend.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Exchange block quilt tops

Hi all!  I've been busy this Memorial Day Weekend piecing my exchange block quilts.

My Bird's Nest exchange blocks from 2012. I probably should have used a robin fabric because of all the robin's egg blues in the "bird's nests," but this chickadee panel fit the quilt colors the best.  This will be a wallhanging for my living room (on the rod where I swap out quilts every few months), so I don't plan to add any more borders.  Thanks everyone for your blocks for this quilt!

My Star-Crossed Cats exchange blocks from 2013 - pieced and ready for the last two blocks.  I love how the corner nine-patches come together.  My friend Shannon will really love this quilt.  Your blocks are so perfect!

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your exchange blocks too.

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Star-Crossed Cats blocks

Hi all!  I thought you'd like to see how my BE quilt is coming along.  Thanks for the beautiful blocks I've received so far!

Also, here's another baby quilt I've been working on, "Live Long and Prosper." I've been working on it between basketball games during March Madness.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 2013 meeting

We met in March to exchange more quilt blocks. Carol wasn't there, but some people had blocks for her.
My kids think these blocks look like Legos.

A couple of Dorothy's blocks ... 

And Jan's gemini blocks ..

Terry's flower blocks ...

Cindy's green and blue blocks ...

Sorry for the short words, pictures are almost always better though, right?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exchange blocks

Here are a couple more blocks for Block Exchange.

Dorothy's block looks like a Log Cabin block but is actually pieced like Courthouse Steps. It helped me to look at the photo that Eileen posted on this blog, otherwise I never would have figured it out!  Dorothy's hint to sew the yellow squares to the uneven-numbered strips was good advice. I laid out the pieces in order, but I still had to rip out one seam when I sewed a purple strip on the ecru side by mistake (arrgh). I love how this block turned out - especially the effect of the narrow strips. This quilt will be lovely.

Jan's block is the Gemini pattern.  I have wanted to make a Gemini quilt ever since I saw it done in batiks in the Keepsake catalog. It goes together so easily for a stunning effect.  I'm looking forward to seeing the final quilt.

And speaking of Keepsake Quilting, my recent order from them was missing a fabric.  I have to give them kudos for great customer service, as they mailed me the missing fabric as soon as I contacted them about the problem.  Also, I love the high quality of their fabrics. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Joyful quilting!

I finished a few more exchange blocks.

Terry asked for four Morning Glory blocks.  I pieced these for her while I was at Debra's retreat last weekend.

Below is Phyllis' block - autumn leaf colors and medium blue sky fabrics. This quilt will be stunning.

Below is Carol Schon's block of many colors (and many pieces).  I cut out most of these from Debra's scrap basket last week and cut out the rest from my stash today.  It was a fun block to put together.

I enjoy being in block exchange because of the connection to my friends I left behind.  I felt pure joy today while I was sewing the blocks and thinking about the recipients.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sewing Exchange Blocks

I sewed two exchange blocks today - Eileen's block and Cindy's block.  Both are going to be beautiful quilts!