Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Louise's block

Louise is asking for novelty prints.

She wants four different ones, that she'll cut into a hexagon. Size is 4.5 square.

She's making an 'I Spy' quilt for her newest great grand child: Kennedy.

Cindy's block

Cindy is having us make a nine patch.

An idea she learned from Jan.

She's making a disappearing nine patch.

We're making the nines, she's making them disappear.

Cindy says this fabric is from the 80's-90's ... I can feel my hair getting bigger.

Beth's block (s)

These are Beth's blocks. We're making four Roman Fences. 

Black and white and a color strip in the center. Blocks are 6.5 square.

Jan AKA 'Nine patch inventor'

Jan, who invented the nine patch, has supplied us with all of these cute little squares.

She wants us to put them together. This is going to be a very cool quilt.

Jan is a very cool lady. Okay, we all are but none of us invented the nine patch.

Eileen's block

This is Eileen's block. It's called 'On a Whim'.

Fabrics are all supplied. The background is lavender, the hsq's on the corners are gray.

Daisy's block

Daisy's block is called 'Antique Tile'. It's 12.5" square. She'd like the colors where she's got them.

Colors: Dark brown, gold, green and a light that goes with the other colors.

Note: Daisy loves brown. This may be obvious.

Bonnie's double star

Bonnie's block is this great double star.

I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of these together. Will she sash them? Will she not?

Stay tuned to answers to these questions.

Ruth's block

Now that I look at the picture, I see the value placement on Ruth's block.

Much to Daisy's happiness, Ruth has chosen browns, golds, ochre, olive greens for her block. Navy or brick red would be okay too.

No florals, Ruth says, this quilt is for a family member who has requested earth tones.

Terry's block part deux

A couple of years ago, Terry had us do this block which she called contrary husband.

No one would ever believe Terry's husband is contrary ... he's a peach.

We're doing this blue and white block again. Read 2012's block here.

Dorothy's block ... rerun

If you're paying attention, you'll notice a theme here ... it's repeating.

Several BE'ers have chosen to redo blocks from previous years ... no complaints here.

This is Dorothy's block. This year she had us sign up for the color she wants us to make. 
This will give her a little more balance. in the quilt overall.

You can see last year's post on this block here.

Carol's block ... repeat

This is Carol Schon's block. 
She's given us a choice of doing one of the last two year's worth of blocks.

For more posts about these blocks check out the 'confetti' and legos blocks post from last year.

She also is offering an opportunity to do the blocks from the previous year, a trip around the world strip set and a set of geese.

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 block exchange ... new year, new beginnings

Today's the day that our 2014 block exchange begins.

It's become one of my favorite days of the year.

Tonight is full of potential: 
we learn a new pattern, see new fabric combinations, revisit old patterns, 
dig through our stashes for just the right fabric (or we buy new fabric).
It's also a chance to reconnect with friends: 
to wish a happy new year, complain about the cold, 
warm up with homemade goodies.

Check back for photos of the blocks we'll all be making this year.