Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carol's block

These are Carol's blocks. 
The first one is a finish for a block we did two years ago called Blind Man's Fancy.
Here are the instructions Carol gave us for the flying geese:
In whatever method you wish, make two lattice strips of flying geese that FINISH 1.5 by 3 inches. 
The strips should finish 15 inches. Please use reproduction fabrics. 
The geese should be dark to medium and the sky lights. They can be scrappy. 
If you wish, you can add a four-patch to the end of each strip. It should measure 3 inches.
Strip Set
The second is a strip set made up of six 2.5 by 16 inch scrappy strips. Include one red strip in the set. 
It doesn't make any difference where the red strip is placed in the set.

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