Sunday, October 6, 2013

september 2013 ... year's end

September was our last Block Exchange meeting of 2013. And although this year has been light on participants, the quilts (in various stages of completion) did not disappoint.

This one is Jan's. It's called Gemini. She made several blocks in addition to the ones we made for her. All batiks and all together.

 This one is Terry's. I think it's called birds of paradise. We each made four blocks.
Cool how some of them look like hearts based on the placement of colors and hues.

This one is Carol's. We've called it Legos, or confetti. It's a great scrap quilt that makes a hearty sized block. Word is Carol may do this one again next year ... so keep those scraps.

These blocks are Dorothy's. She's having us make them again next year. At least one of us (okay it was me) made the block completely wrong, so I'll make two and be ahead for next year ... that's the plan.

These blocks are mine. I love the great fabrics. The blocks will be sashed in white, and a white border will be added too.

And, at the last meeting there were quite a few 'extras' in show and tell:

This one is Jan's from a previous year's exchange.

 This one is Terry's. She's been hand piecing it as she's been taking a friend to chemo treatments. Sadly, Terry's friend passed away. This quilt is certainly a lovely tribute to their friendship.
 This one is mine (Eileen's). It's for a friend's daughter for her third birthday.
 This one is mine (Eileen's) from a previous year's exchange. It think it was 2004 or 2005. It's done now and will be off to it's new owner this week. It's part of my 'brothers 2013 project.'
 This is another one by me. It's for us. I quilted in a quilt as you go method.
 This is Louise's latest project. Actually, it's an older project that she did for someone that they asked her to do for their kids ... that's how we quilters are ... traditions started, and carried through.