Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sewing Exchange Blocks

I sewed two exchange blocks today - Eileen's block and Cindy's block.  Both are going to be beautiful quilts!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Eileen's block

This is Eileen's block (mine). I almost forgot to post it!

Pretty straightforward, with a lovely print from Jean Morrison's line called Grand Hotel.

I obviously didn't take this picture of myself ... but I like it.

Ruth's block

This is Ruth's block, which I think she already posted.

She lives in Minnesota now ... we hope she comes for a visit!

Terry's block

 This one is Terry's block. We're doing four for her ... These little flowers make me think of warm weather.

The photo I took of Terry at Block Exchange wasn't very great ... so I pulled this one. 
Plus she matches her block!

Phyllis' block

This is Phyllis' block. She based it on the block we did for Linda two years' running.

Phyllis lives in California now, so we send blocks to her and she sends them to us ... fun to get happy mail, but we do miss Phyllis.

Jan's block

 This is Jan's block. We're putting four together for her ... She always does something unexpected, so it will be fun to see how these go together.
Here's Jan explaining how we'll get four blocks out of the fabric she provided.

Cindy's block

 This is Cindy's block. The color isn't really great here, but it's limey green ... Cindy's favorite color. 
It's a pretty straightforward block ...
And here's Cindy (I didn't take a picture of her at the meeting but I grabbed one online). Cindy just retired from her job and will get to spend lots of time quilting now ... we're trying not to be jealous!

Dorothy's block

 This is Dorothy's block ... it's a log cabin-style quilt block with yellow blocks through the middle.
We get to do whatever color we'd like, as long as it's one color (ie red, purple, green, yellow, etc.)

Dorothy. You can see the quilt that we're making on the calendar in her hand ... pretty, eh?

Carol's block

And, we're back at it ... block exchanging, that is ...
Our group is about the same size, but not everyone is doing a block this year.
Some people are only making blocks for others, some are making and giving, 
and some are hanging out for the great company!

To start this year off, I took photos of the person as well as their block ...

Carol's block is a series of rectangles joined in courthouse step fashion. Pretty easy, as far as blocks go, and pretty scrappy too. Carol said she uses this one as she puts leaders and enders into her machine. Great scrappy block ... if you just kept going and going, you'd have an entire one-block quilt.

And, here's Carol ...