Saturday, October 27, 2012

last meeting of 2012

Although our block exchange group typically meets January - September, this year we missed our May meeting, so we stretched it out until October. No one was complaining ...

Here's a look at some of the 2012 Block Exchange quilts we saw there:
 This one is Cindy's. She gave us all the fabrics that she had collected.

 This is one of Terry's blocks.

 Jan's quilt: Raspberry Truffles ... sounds delicious and looks even better!

 Daisy's quilt. Somebody said she likes brown ...

Here are a few quilts from our sew & tell:

This is Bonnie's. It's cool, you can't really see the star shapes when you're up close. 
I love when that happens!

 This quilt was started by my work friend Georgette. She decided she'd like to donate it, so Louise added the border and quilted it. Though they have never met, they make a good quilt team!

 This Halloween one is Terry's. It was her Block Exchange from last year. Seasonal, cute and lots of fun!

Louise made these two quilts. I can't remember what the top one is called, so my apologies. 
The bottom is the jelly roll quilt where you sew the strips end to end to end ... 
then together lengthwise and so on and soon, it's a quilt!

Last meeting of the year ... see everyone either here or at Louise's in January.

Ruth: your block from me will be in the mail on Monday 
(See? even an extra month doesn't help a procrastinator).