Sunday, July 6, 2014

See you in Michigan soon!!!

Hi Block Exchangers

In anticipation of my trip to Michigan, I finished the rest of the exchange blocks and will bring them to Cindy's to distribute.

Terry's block.  My favorite blues - I loved piecing this block.

Carol's block.  I kept thinking I was done and then found I still had to cut about a dozen more rectangles!  It is a great block once it is done, though.

Dorothy's Log Cabin - this is going to be a lovely quilt with the yellow diagonals and the bright colors.

Two pieces for Georgia's heartwarmers baby quilt.

A blue block for Bonnie's"man quilt" for chemo patients.

Eileen's incredibly subtle quilt block.
 See you soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playing with block sets

Hi Block Exchangers!

I've been playing with the blocks I've received so far.  Here are three different sets.  I love this block!

 Can't wait to see your photos from Monday night!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Show & Tell

So, Cindy said to bring show and tell to the February meeting. Quilters aim to please ... Here's the show and tell from this month (I'm not going to explain each one, just put the name on it):







EILEEN's friend, Georgette's (and Eileen's mom, special visitor in Feburary)





February 2014 meeting

These are Cindy's blocks. She's using 'vintage' 1980's fabric. For those of us old enough to remember the 1980's (and we ALL are) we just call it stashed fabric. I like calling it vintage ... certainly sounds better than the 'what was I thinking' pile of fabric (which this is not, it's awesome).

Cindy has us sewing the nine patches, she'll make them disappear.

These are Terry's blocks. It's such a cool quilt that makes its own sashing ... 
now if it would figure out how to sew itself together.

The blocks above are Bonnie's. She would like browns and blues but not together in one block.

 Beth's blocks definitely have us thinking Spring ... maybe it will be spring by our March meeting!
Hey, a girl can dream, right?

These are Dorothy's blocks. Dorothy was sick of waiting for Spring, so she left town.
This means we have more time to get her blocks done. 

These are one of the blocks Carol has requested. 
We've all decided this is one of the best uses of scraps ever.

Not to be outdone in the scrap department, Jan's blocks are so great.
First, she sewed all the little squares we just had to put them together.
Too easy, right? She's getting a lot of her blocks sooner than later.

These blocks are mine. They're way more subtle than I ever dreamed, 
but sometimes quiet is good too.

These blocks are Georgia's ... also Spring-y. 
They're cute birds, and then we do a patchwork piece.

This block is Ruth's. Scrappy, with thought because of the light and dark placement.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beginning to sew BE blocks

I've started sewing my Block Exchange blocks for this year.  Here are some photos:

 I spy with my little eye - a tiger and a bear and a fox and a dalmation and a penguin and Sally in her car!  My contributions to Louise's I Spy quilt (they're in-the-mail to you, Louise).

 This block is actually for the Charm group's charity quilt, not Block Exchange, but I thought I'd post a photo of it anyway.  Carol Schon designed the pattern. I didn't have many plaids in my collection, but I tried to use "manly" fabrics for the pieces to go with the man-quilt theme. [Beth - this block is in-the-mail to you.]

  Daisy's floor tile block - I managed to sneak in a dog print in honor of Gracie. [Daisy - this one is in-the-mail to you.]

Cindy's block - pieced and uncut and in-the-mail to Cindy.  You may have noticed that I started with the easy blocks first!

I was also happy to receive my first BE block in the mail, too.  Thanks, Cindy!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's quilts progress.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Louise's block

Louise is asking for novelty prints.

She wants four different ones, that she'll cut into a hexagon. Size is 4.5 square.

She's making an 'I Spy' quilt for her newest great grand child: Kennedy.

Cindy's block

Cindy is having us make a nine patch.

An idea she learned from Jan.

She's making a disappearing nine patch.

We're making the nines, she's making them disappear.

Cindy says this fabric is from the 80's-90's ... I can feel my hair getting bigger.

Beth's block (s)

These are Beth's blocks. We're making four Roman Fences. 

Black and white and a color strip in the center. Blocks are 6.5 square.

Jan AKA 'Nine patch inventor'

Jan, who invented the nine patch, has supplied us with all of these cute little squares.

She wants us to put them together. This is going to be a very cool quilt.

Jan is a very cool lady. Okay, we all are but none of us invented the nine patch.

Eileen's block

This is Eileen's block. It's called 'On a Whim'.

Fabrics are all supplied. The background is lavender, the hsq's on the corners are gray.