Sunday, July 21, 2013

June block exchange: blocks and feet

My most sincere apologies to my Block Exchange pals for not getting these photos up sooner. Just like that, July was started and now, nearly over! Whew.

 I've just realized that many of these block photos, in addition to the quilt blocks, have feet in them ... mine and other people's. Weird, but considering we lay them out on the floor, there are bound to be feet. (Phone photos, so the quality is a bit suspect.)

On to the blocks ...

This one is Cindy's. All in greens and blues. Very pretty blocks.

 These are Dorothy's blocks. You can see that there are two ways to get these done, 
either with strips or logs. Both equally lovely!
 My blocks ... and toes.

 Jan's blocks.

 Phyllis' blocks ... she needs some fall colors in California, I guess!
Terry's blocks. Very cool design when they're set like this.

Carol's blocks. Super awesome scrappy look that translates into a big block. 
This would be great even with bigger pieces for a good sized baby quilt.
This is a show and tell by Daisy (and my toes) it's a great spool quilt.

Since we're meeting again next Monday, look for another post soon (maybe even in July)!


Ruth said...

I love seeing the blocks growing into quilts! Your toes are cute, too. :)

Carol Sc said...

We probably won't hold you to a July post --- I just appreciate seeing all the pictures, since my memory is FAULTY!