Sunday, February 8, 2015

BE 2015

This year's block exchange is equal parts partial seams, small blocks and colorful fabrics.

Regardless, by September, we will all have a pile of blocks that will be screaming 
to be put into a beautiful quilt. 

Just a note: I've found that if you bag up those blocks in a plastic bag, 
you can't hear them screaming so loudly.

It's fun to see everyone's hopes for the year in a quilt block. 
Even though we're all very different, we enjoy the company and camaraderie of all being quilters. With so many other parts of our lives demanding attention, it's special that we take the time once a month to share a meal, stories, updates, advice (which I seriously appreciate), fabric and quilt blocks.

Each person's block is in a different entry so you don't have to read through a single entry and find that person's block.

Before we shared our block plans this year, we did a bit of show and tell, as seen here:

This is Louise's quilt. It's a cool hexagon, eye-spy quilt.

And this is Cindy's disappearing nine-patch quilt from last year … I guess she didn't have any plastic bags to stick those blocks in …

Thanks for hosting, Cindy!

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Carol Sc said...

Thanks, Eileen, for posting these pictures --- it is really helpful, when making the blocks.