Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BE at Louise's house, Feb 2012

I am ever grateful to Louise for agreeing to host Block Exchange this year!  And so glad that I got to go to Block Exchange one more time before I leave town.  I was like a zombie at January's BE meeting (having just packed my entire household to move to Minnesota), so I wasn't fully aware of everyone's blocks.  At Louise's last night, it was fun to be able to see and appreciate people's blocks.

Here are Beth and Debra with many of the blocks on the table in front of them.

Erin Person was there, with her Broadway blocks from last year's BE.  Here is a close-up of Linda's wonderful "Into the Woods" block for Erin's quilt - fantastic!

Here are some of the blocks for me.  Terry's is the top center and still had pins in it so that she could finish my block before we left.  I love how this quilt is coming together!

Sad to say goodbye to my quilting friends, but so glad that we will stay connected throughout the year as we make blocks for each other.  I'm looking forward to sewing people's blocks each month and thinking about our friendships. :)

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