Monday, February 27, 2012

February Meeting

We had a visit from Erin who is home on spring break from some college in this state - not to be named by me!!
Last year we were to make a block representing a broadway musical. These blocks are one of a kind and fantastic!!!!! Eileen - large 24 inch block

Mine - batik and black

Louise - may not be in layout she will use........but it gives you the idea.

Jan - pink and brown

Phyllis - use scraps. I used only what I grabbed from my scrap basket.

H's for Georgia

Red flowers for Lisa

Ruth - LOVE the secondary pattern that is forming

Terry - another with secondary pattern forming

Borders around Grinch fabric for Dorothy

Daisy - blue and brown

Cindy - she supplied it all!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Linda, this helps me so much.