Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August Block Exchange

First - block exchange.    This is for Cindy
This is for Linda - The center are paperpieced from a class at Sauder last Spring.   Planned to go with the block exchange blocks.
Block for Ruth
Part of what we made for Carol - we sewed strips, she cut and sewed again.....
Beautiful blue and white for Terry.
H's for Hayden - Georgia, that is.
Blocks for Daisy.
Louise makes multiple quilts from what we did for her.
Secondly - other quilts that we were shown - This is being made by Beth for Nick - the author/illustrator.
Terrys' latest hand piecing project.
Dorothy is working on the raffle quilt for CCQG.   WOW!!
Phyllis is visiting from California and brought this anniversary quilt for a sister.   Nice to see her!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Ruth said...

I love seeing the quilts coming together! Can't wait to get my Bird's Nest block from Linda. :)