Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I sewed some more block exchange blocks this weekend.

Dorothy's blocks - fun to add another Grinch from my Dr. Seuss fabric!

Jan's block - it took me two tries to make this seemingly simple block.  My first try was 1/4" too small.

Lisa's flower block - a fun way to use the snowball block.

Phyllis's block - I used fabrics that Phyllis likes, including the red cabbage fabric from her vegetable garden quilt, a pink from Terry's Vermont fabrics, and of course a bird so that she'll know it's from me.

Daisy's brown block - I managed to sneak in a dog print. 

Linda's batik block - love how it glows (and I also managed to sneak in a dog print).

I miss hosting block exchange at my house, but I'm glad that I can still participate from afar.

Love to you all, Ruth


beanie g said...

Thanks for posting, Ruth! We miss you too!

Linda said...

Love my block - music, too!!!!
thanks and miss you........